Products · 30. April 2018
As a family there’s nothing we love more than visiting museums. Our kids might still be small but they have already seen an impressive amount of exhibitions and museum collections. Fortunately, they seem to have inherited their parents’ love of art and history: they actually enjoy being carried around galleries and museums, painstakingly taking in the art and artifacts on display. Speaking of museum pieces: here’s a selection of independent kids brands that take after Old Masters.
Products · 15. April 2018
Spring has sprung. And in light of this joyous occasion we've handpicked some outdoor items, all courtesy of independent brands that have been tried and tested by our very own offspring.

Products · 14. April 2018
In an effort to get kids down from their sugar high and preserve their pearly whites, we've decided to turn our attention to all things sweet. Or semi-sweet. Made with love by independent brands.