Indie Kids®: Spring Must-Haves

Spring has sprung. And in light of this joyous occasion we’ve handpicked some outdoor items, all courtesy of independent brands that have been tried and tested by our very own offspring. Fun fact: none of the brands have paid to be listed here. We feature them because we genuinely love these independent brands and believe they deserve a place on this platform.*                      

Go Soaky


In Holland rain is always an option and so a list of Spring must-haves wouldn’t be complete without some rainwear. GOSOAKY is an Amsterdam-based brand of super stylish rainwear. The collection marries waterproof weather protection with Dutch design and in true indie-style the brand also gives back. The GOSOAKY team loves penguins – the brand’s logo even features one – and they support projects of the World Wide Fund for Nature in the Antarctic. Prices start at 29,95 Euro for a backpack to 79,95 Euro for a weatherproof onesie.


Spread Your Little Wings


These are not your ordinary dressing up wings. Each pair is made by hand and has a unique pattern, faithfully copied from nature. The wings are soft to the touch. And they’re also foldable. This means they’re easy to take with you (they fold up into a neat little package) but also makes for hazard-free play. There are no wires sticking out that can potentially hurt other kids or knock over any of your home’s prized possessions. Added bonus: they also look good on moms (or dads) that like to get in on the dressing-up action.

Price: 29,95 Euro.




Independent brands can vary in size and scope. They range from one-man brands to medium-sized corporations. And while some are sold exclusively at certain concept stores, still others can be found at a supermarket near you. What they have in common is the fact that they are independently funded and tend to march to their own (tone deaf) drummer. This makes for interesting brands with innovative products. Example in case? NAÏF.


Indie Brands® and the two dads that started NAÏF go way back. They’ve joined us at many a trade event / market and in a relatively short amount of time, we’ve seen this brand go from being a small, newcomer to a much loved and widely available brand of baby care products. Our favorite Spring product? Their line of sunscreen. As is the case with all NAÏF products, the sunscreen is free from preservatives and other harmful stuff. It’s also easy to apply and doesn’t leave your little ones looking like Casper the ghost.

Price: 19,95 Euro.

*this article was first published on The Mom